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New Command and Features are Here

· One min read

We're delighted to announce the new +define command, as well as some insights into current and future development.

New Command#

+define allows you to define a word from the dictionary easily. It is pretty simple to use, and because of that, we believe it is easier then opening a book or visiting any website.

Performance Enhancements#

Since our last post, we have mainly been working to improve performance, including response times, for the bot. We understand that it is annoying, and it has improved, and will continue to in the coming days!

Updates to Source Code#

We also did a lot of renaming/simplifying/modernizing of code, to make it easier for all of us. We are pretty sure this didn't break anything, but if it did, please help us out by filing a report.

Welcoming a New Sponsor!#

We would like to thank CloudRepo for sponsoring us. Thanks to them, we no longer have to deal with managing dependencies on PyPI, making our codebase more healthy and easier to manage overall.


Thank you everyone for your continued support of Cakebot 😸