Major Revamps

Reece Dunham

Reece Dunham

Team Lead

Hello all, Once again, we are very sorry for the lack of updates. It should get better now.


New in this release:

  • Development experience has been improved โญ
  • Many bugs have been fixed - no more using +report without any message ๐Ÿ›!
  • +homepage and +stars are out of beta and fully into the spotlight. Let us GitHubbers rejoyce!

New Commands#

  • +homepage - allows you to get the homepage of a GitHub repository if it is set by the owner
  • +stars - allows you to get the stargazer count of a GitHub repository

Bugs Fixed#

We fixed a lot of bugs that allowed you to run commands without passing needed arguments. It is now required!!


Thank you all for your continued support. It means the world to us.

  • The Cakebot Team