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Getting Started

To start with self-hosting you will need the following things:

  • A machine to run the bot on
  • Node.js v14 on said machine
  • Git on said machine

Get the bot#

First, download the bot's source code. This can be done by running this command in a terminal on the machine you are going to host the bot on:

git clone

Next, run cd cakebot to move the terminal into that directory.

Building the bot from source#

The next step is simple, you need to install the bot's dependencies and build the code.

First, to install the dependencies, just run npm install.

If you don't have a proper C compiler installed, then some of the optional modules may not be built. It will say at the end if this is the case, you will get some scary-looking error messages. If you do, just run npm install --no-optional.

Next, run the build command, which is just npm run build.

It should complete without any issues.

Starting the bot#

Lastly, you will need to create a launcher script for the bot. Please consult the launcher guide.