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Cakebot does not provide a command-line interface, to be as customizable as possible. Instead, we require that you, the user, write a launcher script.

Development launcher#

If you are contributing to the repository, you can use the development launcher located in the launcher.js file.

Creating a launcher#

The first step to creating a launcher is to create a file, which you can name to whatever you want, with the .js file extension.

Next, open the file in your editor of choice and add this base template:

/* eslint-disable */
process.env.DISCORD_TOKEN =    "PASTE THE DISCORD BOT TOKEN HERE IN THESE QUOTATION MARKS"// You can also define any of the other environment variables here in the same way.
// Requiresconst start = require("./build/index")const defaultCommandsHookup = require("./build/commands/commands")    .defaultCommandsHookup
// This is the start call. You should add all your hookups to this array.// Here in this template, we only add the default commands.start([    defaultCommandsHookup,    // if you want, put any custom hookup functions here    // or if any plugins instruct you to, put them here also])

Hookup reference#

This is for developers only.

Each hookup recieves the data parameter, which has this TypeScript type declaration:

/** * The data passed to each hookup function. */type HookupData = {    /**     * The command registry holds all the bot's commands     * and is checked each message to see if a registered command was run.     *     * @see     */    commandRegistry: Registry
    /**     * The discord.js client object.     */    botClient: Client}

Hookup functions should return no value. Anything else that you return will be ignored.